How To Clean Painted Antique Finished Furniture

Once everything is cleaned and ready to go, now is the time for painters tape. Place it along the edge of your piece and use a credit card to burnish it into place. This will prevent any seepage and leaks. Pick up your drop cloths or tarps and close up your paint cans. Dispose of used paint or empty cans appropriately.

If you find yourself prying or scraping off the finish though, put on more stripper or you’ll damage the wood. The final step is to use a 220-grit sanding block to very lightly sand the entire piece. If you wish, you can also use a butter knife or other tool to scrape some areas to add more character. Try to distress areas where a piece of furniture naturally experiences such damage. In our example, we nicked the corners on several drawers for a natural look.

painted antiqued furniture

Next I primed the body of the dresser and the drawer fronts with two coats of BOSS in white, allowing it to dry for several hours in between coats. This is an antique piece, and I don’t like to take chances with bleed-through on older pieces. Plus, because it is white, that’s less coats of paint I will need to use. I commisioned the Artist to do the painting in 2000.

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However, often times age, neglect and years of damage call for an update in the form of paint! Because of their unique characteristics , these older pieces occasionally need a little extra TLC to achieve the best results. Thank you for putting this guide together! I am a total newbie to furniture painting, and am almost ready to start my first teeny project, painting an old desk chair from my childhood.

Antique Painted Furniture

You can check different options for knobs and handles here to give you some ideas. Also, a different shade of paint can do wonders to modernize your furniture. What I love most about this dresser are the intricate designs on each drawer.My mom told me she would run her fingers through the scrollwork when she was a little girl. I also love the long turned legs with wooden wheels. They definitely add lots of style to such a beautiful piece.

If you don’t need to sand or strip, using a strong cleaning agent like TSP or a good cleaner degreaser will get rid of a lot of grime. TSP is a powder cleaner that you can get pretty much anywhere paint is sold. It’s really aggressive, so if you use it you’re going to want to wear gloves. If you’ve sanded or stripped, use a damp microfiber cloth or tack cloth to gather any dust. There are 3 acceptable ways of painting furniture; 4 if you live in 1992 and consider sponge painting a stylish way to bring character into your house.

These strippers contain smaller amounts of methylene chloride or other chemicals, such as methyl-2-pyrrolidone and gamma butyrolactone. These strippers aren’t as toxic as the fastest strippers, but you’ll still need to wear gloves and goggles, and most require additional ventilation. Because these strippers work from the top down, you may need to apply a second coat when stripping furniture that’s caked under several layers of paint. Maxwell stained the edges after blending the top. “The end grain is very absorbent, and will take more stain than the top,” he says. To control the color, Maxwell uses a very dry brush and lightly touches the side of the bristles against the wood.

The color mentioned earlier in the article is Sherwin-Williams Ruskin Room Green SW-0042. I have been trying to get up the courage to paint kitchen cabinets. This is called flashing and it happens when the paint color is uniform, but the sheen is not. It can happen for a few reasons but most commonly happens when the product is applied inconsistently, either too much or too little. The biggest mistake that people make when they are painting a smooth surface is that they fiddle and touch and try to fix every imperfection.

Most specialty furniture paint is a form of acrylic paint. I always lightly sand all of my furniture pieces, and I would recommend doing the same, even with chalk paint. What a beautiful piece of furniture and the hardware is perfect. I would do the other the same because it’s so pretty even if they don’t end up in the same room.

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