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The promises made by James in this training course may seem too good to be true. However, broker services according to many successful traders in the market currently, they truly work.

The end point is to convince the consumer to spend roughly $12,000 to $15,000 for the super mega course and mentoring. James Edwards also claims to be a “Hedge Fund Manager”, though no prior work history or financial institution where he supposedly worked as a “Hedge Fund Manager” are listed. has advertising and affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this site and may be compensated if readers follow links and sign up. We are committed to the fair handling of reviews and posts regardless of such relations. I still can’t quite believe how much this improved my results, literally within one day of putting it on my charts. Knowing the real order volume behind a move is almost like insider trading.

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But I have not been able to load it onto other more current MT4 charts. The one on the website seems to work similar to the old version I have. Rev-Cycle yield helps you see inside your revenue cycle processes and close the gap between cash collections and earned revenue. No other key performance indicator is a better measurement of your revenue cycle performance, and Currance’s patented technology and management solution sets the new benchmark standard in performance management. Posted On março 16, 2021 Complete Currency Trader is still another Forex Trading Education firm that provides a $14,000 trading bundle from individuals who have zero track listing of trading successfully.

So, I took a chance, and it was the best chance I ever took. From the support, I had from this purchase to the training and the real results that followed. I am incredibly grateful for this program and for what it has taught me. However, if you’re interested in a taste of his work, I highly recommend downloading the eBook. It even comes with a free Forex training profit trading webinar and the Complete Currency Trader tools strength indicator. If you think about it, James Edward must have needed to create a course so amazing in order to be pricing it that high, in all honesty. It’s one thing to sell something at a price so high and then at the same time have the amount of positive feedback pouring out of the Forex industry.

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When red flags become obvious, pointing to the fact that we are dealing with a scam, people should think twice. This company feels that it is absolutely fine for victims to send them $14,000 in the name of buying trading educational courses. Surprisingly, none of the people who have purchased their products or services did manage to convince the two to produce account statements showing proof of live trading activities. These two persons, James Edward and Brian Stickney are responsible for posting powerful marketing YouTube videos every day.


DATA LICENSES. Our analysis tools are powered by tier 1 FX data, accessible via several professional aggregators at costs between $10,000 and $30,000 per month. Through our relationships with these providers, we are able to stream the data to our indicators and tools – giving retail traders access at a fraction of the cost. I reported to the Federal Prison Camp located in Lompoc, Ca. I am a Con Artist who ripped off many people with my scams.

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Video training portal for all things related to technology and IT. If you are looking for a James Edward’s Complete Currency Trader Review then you are in the right spot. Just click the link above to learn learn to trade more about this Forex trading program. Sorry that this was yet another crappy review about yet another shady character operating out of a location better know for Revenge Porn than successful trading.

I just finished the 11 part intro course from Complete Currency Trader and it has changed my entire point of view on Forex. If you don’t do as this man teaches and use the underlying futures for the basis of your trading system then you are missing the main ingredient of entry analysis. Adding this to any trading system will improve your winning percentage by a minimum of 20% less losses. I went 18-0 in thirty minutes forexbooks scalping last friday and made $1,200 using their FREE MT4 strength/weakness indicator. The best information I’ve ever seen or heard about forex. No hype, just facts backed up with proof and a practical approach to help anyone learn to trade in the shortest time possible. With this information, traders will be at a significant advantage and able to confidently participate alongside other seasoned professionals.

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This course teaches you some basics needed to fully understand Forex, using the history of it, as told by very intimidating successful traders. They talk about the structure of the market, the different types of brokers and which to choose, analysis of technicalities and much much more! This was information I never knew about trading and it truly gave me a better understanding and a higher respect for the trade.


A positive, confident and intelligent force is what he is, and he’s willing to teach you his ways. This at-home course was created to specifically teach the ones who are ready and willing to genuinely make more money in less time in the Forex Trading world. Complete Currency Trader , is intended for those who want to master the Forex market, James Edward’s course has developed a way to do just that.

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James does not only teach a system, he teaches you to trade. I am so grateful I found James and listened what he told me. Believe me I tried all the courses and systems free and paid, and none are close to the value of cct. To provide institutional type tools and information to professional retail forex traders. It’s incredible how the software is like a road map to the market. Finding profitable trades feels so easy now, but even better for me is how it helps me avoid losing trades.

Complete Currency Trader is a Forex Home Study Course that provides you with the education, system, tools and training that you need to become a successful trader. The program includes advanced trading education, proprietary market analysis software and a professional speculative trading system, all designed to enable you to up your trading game. The course will help you to become one of the top 1% of Forex traders who make money consistently and reliably. James Edward is the founder of complete currency trader.

James does not teach gimiks and lies like so many other scammers out there. James teaches you to trade the same way professionals do and like he always says, trading is much more than just a system. A good trader can trade any system but a bad trader can’t trade any system.

PUT COMPLETE CURRENCY TRADER TO THE TEST Sign up for trader training, plus a chance to get my $5997 course for FREE. James Edward the creator of Complete Currency Trader is a veteran trader who made waves last year when he started running some live trader training lessons. Current employees can search and apply for open positions here!

The other boxes, T2 and T1 show current market – T2 over the past hour and T1 over the past 10 minutes, both not showing a trade but like i said it’s too late for me to compare with your post. It’s been a few hours since your post, only just saw this and tried to look back at the software. I can’t see any major signal for EURCAD or GBPCAD although it could have happened i’m not sure. Also I don’t know when have you started but this MAGIC indicator should show great e/aud, e/nzd, g/aud, g/nzd trades around end of last week/start of this week. EURJPY trade went immediately into profit with no drawdown at all. Price ended up retracing to our trailing stop which locked in a small gain. I’m not trading this afternoon’s session, going to spend time with my daughter.

  • currency house login portal pages are updated regularly by the currencypay.
  • Price ended up retracing to our trailing stop which locked in a small gain.
  • Then, you will recognize how to advance your abilities and you will also discover how to become one of the top percentile of the elite traders who can make money reliably and consistently.
  • It doesn’t take much to truly become a pro in the trading industry with this course.
  • It is a strategy guide that shows exactly how they pick high probability/low risk trade setups in the Forex market.

But when you’re almost done, you will be told that it is now time that you learned the true secrets of unlocking unlimited wealth in the Forex market. releases a review of James Edward’s Complete Currency Trader program which promises to give traders a much needed “edge” in the foreign exchange market. They all described the company as heavy on selling products, and light on actual Forex trading.

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